America, The Stupidful

Posted on June 27, 2012


What’s really going on?? I think of my life, the world and this country as a youngster and compare it to the reality of these times, and confusion begins to set in like a cold front on the Sahara. What the hell happened??? This is not to say that the USA was a perfect place to live, but it was a helluva lot better back then than it is now. Sure, thirty years ago you had the cocaine epidemic and Reaganomics, which led to the crack epidemic and air traffic controllers getting screwed out of everything, along with several plant and factory closures leading to a boom in welfare, but at least what we watched on television was decent programming. First off, you still had people who were actually real actors giving real live performances in front of studio audiences on almost every show on the tube. Second, there was actually a variety of different types of shows on tv. There was so much more to life than just forensic cop shows, cooking shows, and “who’s the daddy” talk shows and Hollywood understood that. There was literally something for everyone. Music has changed so much in the past 30 years t, it seems like a totally different concept altogether. I remember jammin’ to sounds that were not only creative and beautiful, but told tales of reality, rhetoric, and even revolution. These days all you get is a bunch of thirty year old teenagers in skinny jeans using auto tune vocoders to sing over modified recycled melodies made by the same producers. Originality is dead and gone in all aspects of the media industry. TV has gotten so bad that all we can do is follow everyday people around with video cameras and label it entertainment. Movies are so crap that they all have to be shot in 3D to take the viewers mind off the fact that they not only lack substance, but they usually have no plot. A bunch of garbage remakes of what used to be good movies/tv shows. This is the basis and foundation for the degradation of American intellect.

As we moved toward the 21st century, leaving the previous behind as is done every turn of a hundred years and technology crept its way into our lives and pockets on a more personal level, it seems we began to rapidly sink into an intellectual depression befitting us to be nothing more than slaves to the machines we now possessed. All of a sudden tasks that once required special skills or training were a breeze to complete at the push of a button. Anyone could now create a work of art without having any sort of talent or know how. Everything became so easy! Now of course we can’t blame technology for making us lazy and stupid, after all we were smart enough to create it, right? as we progress as human beings and as a nation, life SHOULD become easier…but at what cost?

When it gets to the point that life is so easy that it causes  people to neglect the things that are truly important, there’s a real problem. When we become so engulfed in media hype and brainwashing that we don’t realize our country has been at war for over ten years (and we still don’t know why), the value of our dollar is steadily dropping over that same ten-year period, the price of gas is almost quadruple what it should be, and we have the highest unemployment rate since the Great Depression because all of our jobs were shipped overseas, something is wrong as hell. Ignorance seems to be at an all time high in this country with an outbreak of sheer stupidity not far behind.

Upon entering Corporate America I was forced to the realization that there are people forming the very infrastructure of workforce who don’t know the difference between “your” (a second person personal pronoun) and “you’re” (a contraction of the words you and are), or don’t know how many states there are in the Union, who can barely spell, comprehend basic reading materials, or do any kind of math beyond elementary arithmetic. These people are more often than not college grads, supposedly educated, but in what field(s) of study, I know not. These people are our coworkers our bosses, and their bosses. They’ve been hired into corporations, placed in positions not based on any particular degree of success, not even based on working knowledge, but solely based on the fact that possessing a college degree denotes a person’s willingness to follow and take orders. So, no one really cares how smart you are. Especially not those who sit above you in the corporate progression. For them, any intellect above their own is a threat to their careers and therefore, livelihoods. Of course there are certain professions that require a person to be actually educated, rigorously in fact. Doctors, Lawyers, IT Professionals, Mechanics, Scientists, Engineers, and of course, Teachers. Typically, however, these are not the people who’re running our corporations, companies, and big businesses. Usually, in fact, the people in these fields end up working for someone who has considerably less education than they do. The real brains stay at the bottom, and the dummies rise to the top. Just look at Dubya n’ Jeb! Sure, ol’ H.W. let Dubya be President because he was the oldest (not the smartest), but he put his own best friend beside him as VP to make sure everything got done right. So now, the party boy is a lame duck and the other brother is just the former governor of Florida.

The sad part about all of this is that the further you look up the corporate ladder, the more blissful ignorance you find. I don’t know who’s really pulling the strings here, but whoever it is, they’re future appears to be very well protected. They have positioned themselves above an entire society where the only people who have the power to do anything about their lunacy are entirely too stupid, inept, and incapable of doing so. Like cattle, they ring their bells and march us all of to be slaughtered.

As if that weren’t enough, they embedded a seed of stupidity in the minds of our children and young people to stunt the intellectual growth process even further, at an earlier age. Supposed role models speak in broken English (not because it’s cool, but because they don’t know any other way to speak), teach our sons how to be criminals (that is because it’s cool), and convince our daughters that the female version of the American Dream is being the biggest whore you can possibly be (pussy rule da world!). The average Joe even has below average intelligence when confronted with anything other than a video game, social network, video chatting, or scrolling through channels to find some idiotic reality show.

The USA has never been a country where the masses celebrated intellect, but it has always been a country where knowledge was king and respected as such.Honestly, before media was readily available via the internet, television, or movies, skill, training, knowledge, and experience held gallons more water than physical looks, fashion, or charm. The latter have taken over, hence the rise of ignorance over intellect. Our nation is in dire straits, falling fast from economic heights, no longer the super power it once was, and until we stop celebrating and rewarding stupidity, it will only get worst. If you don’t believe me, just watch that movie “Idiocracy”. Funny as hell, yet sadly true……