Posted on July 10, 2012


Here is a list I’ve compiled of the wackest rappers of all time. I dare not even call these people Emcees–they hardly deserve the title. Call me a hater if you want. I call you a dick rider lol. They are numbered, but not listed in any particular order of wackness.

  1. Baby aka Birdman (c’mon , dog, stick to bein’ a baller)
  2. Nicki Minaj (are u fuckin’ serious??? she’s not a rapper, she’s a silicone filled porn star reject and has no flow and CANNOT fuck with Kim, Foxy, or any other proven female emcee)
  3. Trina (again with the porn star “shouldabeen”, absolutely no flow and has yet to rap about anything but sex)
  4. Sylk The Shocker (this nigga couldn’t even stay on beat AND they still payed him)
  5. Master P (Ughhhh! is not rapping)
  6. Plies (when has he ever even attempted to rap??? Busss it baaaby!)
  7. Li’l Boosie (the nigga might be a real gangsta, but he sounds like a 12 yr old girl on the mic)
  8. Crunchy Black (how you gon get mad about money and they only let you in the group to fill a spot lmao)
  9. Soulja Boy (I can’t understand youuuu! negger!)
  10. Cam’ron (didju really think u were takin’ over the Roc’?)
  11. Nelly (nigga that shit is singin’ lol)
  12. Mike Jones (who????????????????)
  13. Gucci Mane (blow your fucking nose, dude)

I think these people are the wackest, without a doubt, rappers of all time. They should have never been paid, never been recorded, and never had fans. I guess it just shows how much people really like garbage. I think it’s because 90% of the world has absolutely no musical talent whatsoever and the talentless tend to support each other. Please let me know if I omitted anyone, and I already know I have lol.