Posted on July 25, 2012


IRREGARDLESS…….Somebody please tell me why people keep using this “word”. I put quotes around (word) because it cannot be defined in any conservative English/American dictionary. Even as I type, there is a big red squiggly line at the beginning of this post. That’s because IRREGARDLESS is NOT a “word”! I absolutely HATE when anyone uses this word. Especially when it’s someone who’s trying to sound educated or professional. Let’s not kid ourselves. It’s ALWAYS someone who’s trying to sound educated or professional. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy and indulge in the usage of slang just as much as everybody else, but that’s all in good linguistic fun. This is just flat out abuse and bastardization of the English language.

I guess the real question to ask is why people continue to use this part of speech, shall we say, and have no idea how utterly ridiculous they sound every time they speak it. I can’t lie, I kinda enjoy hearing some people make asses of themselves, but at the same time, it just seems like if they’ve ever had any kind of elementary education, they should know better. Perhaps this is a question better posed to those who actually contribute to the crime.

Where did IRREGARDLESS come from? I don’t actually know, but it sounds like something Don King would say. I can hear him now “Irregardless of the facts of the fiduciary commentary, the alleged accusation of astoundability is absolutely abrosious…” LMMFAO! In the city, it’s one of those words like “copastetic”, which is supposed to be “copacetic”. It’s like all you need is for a famous person to mispronounce a word and the whole country follows.

The funniest part about all this is that the people who dare to utter this calamity obviously have no idea that the prefix “ir-” as well as the suffix “less” both denote negativity, therefore completely changing the meaning of the word from “without regard” to “with regard”. I can honestly understand mispronouncing or misspelling (some) words, as long as you understand the meanings of the words. When you mispronounce, misspell, and misuse words, it’s just a complete and total, unforgivable fuck up. There’s really no other way to say it.

With that being said (or typed as it were) I sincerely hope that at least one person who uses IRREGARDLESS as a part of their English vocabulary is reading this so that they can tell their friends, family members, and significant others of their folly and persuade them to use the correct terminology as well. The word you actually want to use is “regardless”. It means having no regard for.

I mean every word stated here, IRREGARDLESS of anyone’s feelings LOL